The Joy of Russian Style Kombucha

I have to admit something... I would not be a kombucha drinker if it weren't for the culture I have. I like to love the things I put in my body. I don't do well with sour flavours and I am not consistent with things I don't enjoy. I am aware that I am not so different from many people out there... I am charmed by decadence, beauty and a sense of luxury. I hate to feel like I am doing things just because they are good for me.

For 15 years I have been brewing koombucha using my authentic Russian culture. Over time it became clear to me that there is something fundamentally different between the kombucha it produces compared with the kombucha I have tried elsewhere.

This style of kombucha adds a festive element to any occasion, whether it’s an afternoon pick-me-up or served in nice glasses with dinner. Russian style kombucha bridges the divide between luxury drink and heath tonic.